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Peace and light to all those interested. Music is truly a gift and a powerful conduit of the divine in us all. I only pray to be used as a vessel for inspiration and healing. Stage performance is also great for fear fighting. I began my journey at 4yrs singing in church. I also escaped boredom and normalcy through songwriting. I began singing with groups and bands throughout Dallas, Texas which led to a deeper exploration of my craft. The more I discovered self, the more music changed for me. Even now I'm not concerned with being discovered by the music industry. I do music to show people how to face themselves as I am learning to face myself. I do music to get it out of my body, I do music because its where I find some bliss.....

Editor's Note
When i discovered her page not only did i think she was gorgeous but her music sent chills down my spine.I found myself with a wine glass, the tv off and i sat back and listened to my favorite single entitled "Let It Go".This has become my daily routine but it works only with this single! Drop by and show her some love!

PS I will be bringing her to Phoenix to showcase her talents!

Speek Greene


First and foremost I’m influenced by good music. It doesn’t really matter what genre if it’s good music I can feel it and be influenced by it...I’m also heavily influenced by Television because I grew up watching a whole lot of it it was kind of my third parent....I’m also influenced by the things I see in film, literature, etc. I’m inspired by so many things and in turn permanently inspired... The Beatles (3 Favorite Albums..Abbey Road, The White Album, and Revolver), Miles Davis,Sade,The Roots, Erykah Badu,Lauryn Hill,A Tribe Call b.ed Quest, Dilla (R.I.P), N.E.R.D, OutKast (The Love Below is classic), The De La Soul, The whole Native Tongues Movement, Pharoahe Monch, Rakim,Jay-Z, Nas, B.I.G, Pac, Blackalicious, Murs , Foreign Exchange, John Legend, Musiq, Kanye West, Common, The Neptunes ,John Coltrane, Monk, Davis, David Axelrod, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Donnie Hathaway, Bill Withers, The Doors, The Wu, Dj Premier, Portishead, Snoop, The Gorillaz,Jimi Hendrix, the great Bob Marley, Little Brother,Radiohead,The Whole Justus League, MF Doom, Vik Vaughn, Madlib, Slum Village, Dj Dangermouse (The Grey Album is classic), I dig Coldplay, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jack Johson,DMB, John Mayer, Seal..etc...I could really go on and on so I won’t...


DN³ - The product of Chester, PA and RAHM (Reform and Healing Movement) Nation producer, artist, and DJ. In the late 90's, DN ³ developed his craft working with Philadelphia's now defunct "3rd Floor Productions" – a production company started by himself, Johnny Bang Bang (Equalizer Beats), and the late Dane "Black Asian" King. From there he worked with various up and coming local acts from Philadelphia. Projects include Musiq Soulchild's demo, which made way for his debut album "Aijuswannasing". DN³'s sound could be defined as a true school and soulful Hip-Hop experience. Influences in musical style have a great variety ranging from the late J. Dilla, Marley Marl, Pete Rock, Sergio Mendes, Madlib, Wes Montgomery, and many others.

Early production works include a timely collaboration with RAHM Nation founder, Ohene. Ohene's highly acclaimed "The Rapademics" was DN³'s first executive produced and mixed project. This venture lead the way to working closely with other RAHM Nation artists such as Storyville, G Tha Chancellor, and Random. Random's "The Call" was another project that was heavily touched by DN³'s soulful and grimy sound. Since then, DN³'s technical work, such as production, mixing, and quality control, has been a major force behind Random's ever-growing position in the Hip Hop world.

"Mega Ran", a most notable album from Random, has been one of DN³'s greatest accomplishments as a producer/engineer. The project was conceived from the minds of Hip-Hop and video game lovers such as Random and DN³. Production of the "Mega Ran" album included samples from the classic Capcom Sci-Fi action game, "Mega Man". This tribute gained the attention of video gamers and Hip-Hop fans alike. Even Capcom (creators of Street Fighter II, Mega Man, and Resident Evil) endorsed the project for official licensing.

Currently, DN³ resides in Phoenix AZ along with Random. The RAHM Radio West internet podcast show is co-hosted with Random from their Arizona residence. The podcast show is formatted to showcase current quality Hip-Hop music by influential artists, classic joints, as well as music by RAHM Nation affiliates. Guests of the show have included Little Brother, Shock G of Digital Underground, Speek Greene, Kev Brown, and many others. The podcast is one of many projects currently being worked on by DN³. Stay tuned.

List of projects and artists DN³ has worked with:

Musiq – Various Tracks
Ohene – The Rapademics
Bassline Entertainment
Random – "The Call"
Random – "Patches And Glue"
Random – "Mega Ran"
Random – "The 8th Day"
G – "American Scholar"
Everyday Process (Cross Movement Records)
Speek Greene
Smooth Tha Latin Soul Brother
Frank N Dank
Free Speech
Pastlife Pretense

Check out the mypsace:

RAHM Radio West podcast show:

New Jazz instrumental EP "102" available for free download:




M.P.R.E.S.S. (empress) Chicago native with her feet embedded in Phoenix is known for her flawless flows, unmatched talent, and unmistakable beauty . Her Puerto Rican and Haitian background brings an unparalleled flavor to her rhythmic delivery and her lyrics are conscious driven and paired with vocal talents for a double dose of sound. While in Chicago M.P.R.E.S.S. worked with Dez 1, Index, and Anonymous. M.P.R.E.S.S. has opened for the likes of KEV BROWN (MC/Producer-Low Budget) and RAMPAGE of the Flip Mode Squad. Her local collaborations include work with her DJ’s Deep C & Akademik (Doom Society), REXXX, Mello Mello, Smooth, Novelty…just to name a few and working on upcoming Projects with Connecticuts own DJ Speek Green. M.P.R.E.S.S. has performed at several local venues including: O’Malley’s, The Big Fish, The Sets, Famous Sam’s, Loft and The Door’s “VYBE” night hosted by Ms. WISDOM. M.P.R.E.S.S. is currently working on her debut album “Moon Child”, which is set to release in 2009. To get a taste of M.P.R.E.S.S. you may listen via

Speek Greene gears up for his new lp The Long Look

The Connecticut bred Phoenix transplant is set to make his debut The Long Look.An eclectic album that speaks on the artist's trials and tribulations in life.It looks to discuss some really deep topics outside the norm of a typical urban lp.From what the streets are saying its really hard to classify this project because the artist is known for rapping.However his production skills are dope and his singing abilities are up to par.Production will feature a team of up and coming and some known producers such as Kev Brown who also executive produces the lp,Mozaic,Cody Barber,DN3,J Rawls,Young B,Maticulous,The Audible Doctor and Speek Greene himself.Guest features are a good look as well with the likes of Kev Brown,Dialect from Australia,Random,Smooth,Sulai and a host of others.

Speek has worked with a has who in hip hop.He is the deejay for Jaz o,the man that brought you Jay Z.Nyoil,Phonte of Little Brother,Chubb Rock just to name a few.Recently he teamed up with Smooth to release The Wonderful World Of Mr.Miranda an eclectic mixtape filled with 80s samples and great 90's golden area remakes.

Speek Greene is an out the box cat so im sure this album wont displease your ears.

Nails Kauffman

Kevin Nottigham Interviews Ft Lauderdale emcee Trav Williams

Yo, so we’ve featured this cat Trav Williams on the site a couple of times these past few weeks. First we offered his album, The Trickle Down, up for download; then my man Deez gave his take on the album. Well now we’ve had the opportunity to sit down with Trav and get an inside perspective on the album and the man himself. I’ve had his album on repeat the last few weeks and this guy is definitely someone to watch out for.

Kevin: How you doin’ man? Since I first heard The Trickle Down a few weeks ago, I’ve been wanting to sit down with you to get the inside scoop. The album is great, by the way… real hip hop represented. How has the reception been so far? Are you getting a lot of good feedback?

Trav: Yeah cats are really appreciating the music in a major way. Cats have been hitting me up on the email, the myspace, at shows and everywhere in between showing mad love. Shot out to my homey James C., when that dude hit me up like “The album is dope”, I knew that we might really be on to something. Just finding out that people still want hip hop in the tape deck is the best part, you know.

Kevin: Why don’t you introduce yourself… tell us a little bit of who you are, how you got started, and how long you been doing this.

Trav: I been emceeing for a minute. I think I first got the courage to kick a verse in front of people in like 96, 97 and back then niggas wasn’t spitting at the crib. Cat’s was on some other shit. So I was always looking for ciphers and shit for a while and it wasn’t until like 99 that I started putting out little songs. And that’s when me and Pee Dub first linked up and I had a deal on the table with a little branch of a now defunct label that I won’t name but it feels longer than it really has been, you know. And I guess that was the best part about being from Ft. Lauderdale in way. We didn’t have a musical identity as an area so I could kick whatever and it was dope. But now, it seems like we just get bunched up with whatever drops from the whole area (South Florida). So my hip hop roots was ciphers and what not but I would only count the late 90s. Either way it’s been a while and the ups and downs have been there for sure but now the whole internet jump off gives me a second wind.

Kevin: When I first heard your voice, I thought I was listening to a young Too $hort, but you also remind me of a new-aged Redman/Luda because of the wit and humor that you display in your rhymes; you seem to be having fun on the mic. How would you describe your style?

Trav: That Too Short shit is funny (you have no idea about how many people say that foreal). But I would have to say “regular”. The way I see it I’m in my own genre; Regular Rap. Life…chicks, regular shit. Regular shit is funny and dope and fucked up and everything in between and I live that regular shit everyday. So I try to capture that sonically.

Kevin: Speaking of “regular shit”, you seem to have touched on a lot of personal topics on the album. Were these based off of personal experiences? For example, what’s the story behind “Tag-a-Long”?

Trav: Real Story foreal but essentially that’s just how I create records. I sit and listen to the beat and channel from experience. But I was dating this young chick (shout out to my ex) and her home girl was always drinking my damn orange juice and it was just a little pay back. But that’s the advantage to kicking some real life, real live shit people can relate to. Slowly people begin to realize that we all have a Tag-A-Long or whatever.

Kevin: Who are your musical influences? Who did you listen to growing up and who do you respect in the game now?

Trav: I stole like half of my style from Illmatic track 6, ya dig. But I was a big Tribe fan, “Check the Rhime” totally fucked up my attention in school trying to listen to my little raggedy-ass tape player. “Me My Self and I” was like the first song I ever knew the lyrics to without the beat, so definitely De La. Meeca and the Soul Brother changed my life. And from 96-2001 I thought I was Ghostface. Cube; and of course way back when I was in Middle School I spent my little birthday money on Outkast and Do or Die. I guess the beautiful thing about that whole era was the classic collections of songs that was offered. Joints like Goodie Mob’s Soul Food, Dare Iz A Darkside and Business Never Personal mean even more to me now as an adult. I mean I’m more of an album kind of dude, I love particular projects but those cats were so major to me when I was a youngster. But today I respect a lot of cats like Little Brother, Joell Ortiz, Jeezy, Lupe and Royce and other dope cats and Jean is hot.

Kevin: “Shut It Down” is one of my favorite tracks…it sounds like an updated version of Ghostface’s “Fish” from his 1996 classic, Ironman. You said in your verse Pee Dub feels you all are “one listen away” and Pee Dub feels you guys are the “new aged Rae and Ghost.” Obviously you admire Ghostface, so is that the level you are trying to reach? Where do you see your career going and how do you see yourself getting there?

Trav: I see things moving. I mean slowly we have made some progress (operative word, “some”) and I can’t be mad at that. Most importantly that whole era of the bullshit is almost over. Cats is doing bad in the world. Gas is like 4 and a half dollars right now. Cats don’t want to hear about no damn rims and making it rain, niggas can’t afford gas and milk type shit. People want the real…something more tangible. And that’s when things will take off. The people are frustrated with nonsense and they just don’t know it yet. So when they figure that out, this Regular Rap movement will be bananas.

Kevin: “The Anthem” is another personal favorite…break down that 3rd verse. Lyrically that was one of your strongest performances on the album. What point were you trying to get across?

Trav: Well, first I got to show love to the BCT (Broward County transit) and everybody catching the slave ship (the 36). I used to ride the bus everywhere, all over from the crib (Lauderdale) to Dade to Palm Beach, everywhere; so me and the bus have a very intimate relationship. But the whole song tells a story; verse 1 was waiting for the bus, verse 2 was the frustration of being on the bus and verse 3, I wrote that imaging my self at work at wack ass Mickey D’s and standing on the counter like fuck that, let’s run out of this bitch. Those years working at Mickey D’s were the muse for that verse.

Kevin: LOL, that’s some real, regular shit! Aside from your lyrical skills, the production on the album was outstanding. It seems that each track fits perfectly with the content of the song. How did you go about picking the beats for each track?

Trav: That’s God. Skidmatick, Mozaic, Skinny; all them cats reached out and the connection with Keenan and 20 Keys was a blessing. But cats like Skid reached out and we just had mad chemistry. But I look at picking beats as the most important stage of album creation. I approach it like a listener and dope is dope from that angle.

Kevin: So what other projects are you working on right now? Anything else planned for this year? Will you be collaborating with Pee Dub or any of the album’s producers in the future?

Trav: I got a project coming out on with the homey MoonChild on his label later this summer and I’m also working on an EP called I THINK I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND which is a spin-off from “Tag-A-Long” to help promo the album and hopefully it will come together like August and then me and DJ Bazarro (Jean Grae’s DJ) are working on another project, so I try to keep busy.

Kevin: Cool man, can’t wait to hear the new stuff. Hey, thanks for taking the time to chat with us and good luck with the album. Any last words?

Trav: Download the record, burn it for your folk and then bump it again. I really do this for the love and to get that love back is the shit I live for. This hip hop shit is an interactive sport where the emcee and the listener need one another equally.

That’s real talk right there. Make sure you check out Trav at his MySpace page and, if you haven’t already, download The Trickle Down below. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Regular hip hop for regular people.

Mega Ran Blasts Toward The 8th Day on 08/08/08

Mega Ran blasts toward "The 8th Day" on 08.08.08

Philly-born, Phoenix resident emcee and teacher Random (aka Random Beats, Mega Ran) is prepared to release his newest album, the conceptual project "The 8th Day" on August 8, 2008.

"The number 8 is the number of new beginnings; therefore I wanted to release a special project on that day, talking about new beginnings. Also, turning an 8 sideways will make the symbol for infinity, so I feel this album will also make a statement that hip-hop will live forever, in some form or fashion."

The album includes guest appearances by LMNO of the Visionaries, Naledge of Kidz in the Hall, nerdcore hero MC Frontalot and more. Production will be handled by Samik ("Raze The Bar," G-Unit, Ruff Ryders projects), DN3 (executive producer of "The Call" and "Mega Ran"), Storyville and more.

Singles "Exhale" feat. Naledge and "On the Wall" are currently in rotation.

In a move that can only be described as Random, "The 8th Day" will contain 8 tracks, which are actually 16 songs. Each track will include 2 songs in one, containing two different takes on one concept.

Random's past albums "The Call" and "Mega Ran" continue to rack up huge accolades, garnering rave reviews from press outlets and leading to feature articles in Wired Magazine, Complex Magazine, Exclaim! and Blender Magazine. He has recently wrapped up a national tour, hitting cities up and down both coasts.

The 8th Day will hit stores and digital retailers on August 8th, 2008.

Pre-Orders are now being taken at Random's myspace site,, and at the email address given. Those who pre-order will get a free copy of co-executive producer DN3's experimental jazz album.

Smooth aka Mr.Miranda teams up with Dj Speek Greene for new mixtape entitled The Wonderful World Of Mr.Miranda
Check out the lead single "Remind Me"

Dj Speek Greene talks about teaming up with Nyoil and producing "Shout It In The Streets" off the Hood Treason Lp

New Video From Random-Fly

About Us

Not a band for one.We are a collective of like minded individuals in the world of music.The style you can say consists of soulful hip hop and r&b.Grandphibians is also a promotional vehicle as well we put our on shows and we bring out artists that we generally vibe to.The mixtape game for us is another avenue that we decided to venture into as well.Now on for the itroduction of the team...First off is Dj Speek Greene a man of many faces in the music game.He has worked with heaps of artists rather it being production or deejaying(Phonte Coleman of Little Brother,NYOIL,Large Professor,Chubb Rock,Jaz O,Kev Brown,J Rawls,Treach etc) next up is Random can probably best be described as the Bruce Wayne of Hip-Hop. By day, he's a mild-mannered school teacher, and by night, he is a rabble-rousing, freedom-fighting, bad-guy slaying emcee's emcee. A 12-year rhyme veteran, Philadelphia native and Phoenix transplant, Random's bars are filled with all of the heartache, pain, triumph, tragedy and fun that come with everyday living. A graduate of Penn State University, Random speaks to the everyman, transcending race or class barriers.he released the critically acclaimed "Mega Ran," album, which combines hip-hop, rock and many more musical genres with the memorable music of the classic Mega Man video games. This album got him into the good graces of the game's creators, Capcom, who offered Random full support of the project, which opened him up to a completely new fan base, in addition to his growing underground following. Now you are just as likely to catch Random spitting his clever, poignant rhymes at an anime convention as at an underground nightclub.
Okayplayer called "Mega Ran" 'one of the most creative releases this year,' and it has gone on to be profiled by media outlets such as Wired Magazine, IGN, Complex Magazine, Blender Magazine and more. Random then released the "Patches and Glue" EP, which mixes the poignant spirituality of "The Call" with the fun and creativity of "Mega Ran."
Following him comes DN³, aka The Beagle: DJ/Producer who has produced tracks for many artists including executive producing Ohene's "Rapademics" and Random's "The Call" for RAHM Nation Recordings, LLC. Other members include Smooth aka Mr.Miranda,writer Kevin Nottingham,Female emcee M.P.R.E.S.S.,Sulai,Travis Williams,Producer Cody Barber,Mozaic, and Young B
This page will feature bios,videos,rants,mixtapes,bullshit and we might even smack a few muthafuckas.Walk with us!