Friday, August 8, 2008

About Us

Not a band for one.We are a collective of like minded individuals in the world of music.The style you can say consists of soulful hip hop and r&b.Grandphibians is also a promotional vehicle as well we put our on shows and we bring out artists that we generally vibe to.The mixtape game for us is another avenue that we decided to venture into as well.Now on for the itroduction of the team...First off is Dj Speek Greene a man of many faces in the music game.He has worked with heaps of artists rather it being production or deejaying(Phonte Coleman of Little Brother,NYOIL,Large Professor,Chubb Rock,Jaz O,Kev Brown,J Rawls,Treach etc) next up is Random can probably best be described as the Bruce Wayne of Hip-Hop. By day, he's a mild-mannered school teacher, and by night, he is a rabble-rousing, freedom-fighting, bad-guy slaying emcee's emcee. A 12-year rhyme veteran, Philadelphia native and Phoenix transplant, Random's bars are filled with all of the heartache, pain, triumph, tragedy and fun that come with everyday living. A graduate of Penn State University, Random speaks to the everyman, transcending race or class barriers.he released the critically acclaimed "Mega Ran," album, which combines hip-hop, rock and many more musical genres with the memorable music of the classic Mega Man video games. This album got him into the good graces of the game's creators, Capcom, who offered Random full support of the project, which opened him up to a completely new fan base, in addition to his growing underground following. Now you are just as likely to catch Random spitting his clever, poignant rhymes at an anime convention as at an underground nightclub.
Okayplayer called "Mega Ran" 'one of the most creative releases this year,' and it has gone on to be profiled by media outlets such as Wired Magazine, IGN, Complex Magazine, Blender Magazine and more. Random then released the "Patches and Glue" EP, which mixes the poignant spirituality of "The Call" with the fun and creativity of "Mega Ran."
Following him comes DN³, aka The Beagle: DJ/Producer who has produced tracks for many artists including executive producing Ohene's "Rapademics" and Random's "The Call" for RAHM Nation Recordings, LLC. Other members include Smooth aka Mr.Miranda,writer Kevin Nottingham,Female emcee M.P.R.E.S.S.,Sulai,Travis Williams,Producer Cody Barber,Mozaic, and Young B
This page will feature bios,videos,rants,mixtapes,bullshit and we might even smack a few muthafuckas.Walk with us!