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DN³ - The product of Chester, PA and RAHM (Reform and Healing Movement) Nation producer, artist, and DJ. In the late 90's, DN ³ developed his craft working with Philadelphia's now defunct "3rd Floor Productions" – a production company started by himself, Johnny Bang Bang (Equalizer Beats), and the late Dane "Black Asian" King. From there he worked with various up and coming local acts from Philadelphia. Projects include Musiq Soulchild's demo, which made way for his debut album "Aijuswannasing". DN³'s sound could be defined as a true school and soulful Hip-Hop experience. Influences in musical style have a great variety ranging from the late J. Dilla, Marley Marl, Pete Rock, Sergio Mendes, Madlib, Wes Montgomery, and many others.

Early production works include a timely collaboration with RAHM Nation founder, Ohene. Ohene's highly acclaimed "The Rapademics" was DN³'s first executive produced and mixed project. This venture lead the way to working closely with other RAHM Nation artists such as Storyville, G Tha Chancellor, and Random. Random's "The Call" was another project that was heavily touched by DN³'s soulful and grimy sound. Since then, DN³'s technical work, such as production, mixing, and quality control, has been a major force behind Random's ever-growing position in the Hip Hop world.

"Mega Ran", a most notable album from Random, has been one of DN³'s greatest accomplishments as a producer/engineer. The project was conceived from the minds of Hip-Hop and video game lovers such as Random and DN³. Production of the "Mega Ran" album included samples from the classic Capcom Sci-Fi action game, "Mega Man". This tribute gained the attention of video gamers and Hip-Hop fans alike. Even Capcom (creators of Street Fighter II, Mega Man, and Resident Evil) endorsed the project for official licensing.

Currently, DN³ resides in Phoenix AZ along with Random. The RAHM Radio West internet podcast show is co-hosted with Random from their Arizona residence. The podcast show is formatted to showcase current quality Hip-Hop music by influential artists, classic joints, as well as music by RAHM Nation affiliates. Guests of the show have included Little Brother, Shock G of Digital Underground, Speek Greene, Kev Brown, and many others. The podcast is one of many projects currently being worked on by DN³. Stay tuned.

List of projects and artists DN³ has worked with:

Musiq – Various Tracks
Ohene – The Rapademics
Bassline Entertainment
Random – "The Call"
Random – "Patches And Glue"
Random – "Mega Ran"
Random – "The 8th Day"
G – "American Scholar"
Everyday Process (Cross Movement Records)
Speek Greene
Smooth Tha Latin Soul Brother
Frank N Dank
Free Speech
Pastlife Pretense

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New Jazz instrumental EP "102" available for free download:

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